Testing connected vehicle

I am testing software for a connected vehicle. My previous experience was testing and developing web applications. In this short article I'll try to list what is different and what is the same, what difficulties I faced. Communication Complex multilayer issues Environments 1. Communication As an integration QA, I have to communicate from on regular... Continue Reading →

Smartphone on the wheels. Future of Automotive

Noise  Even hysteria regarding AI and machine-learning technologies is going on here. Money is spent well, but without real result. Therepublic says AI personalisation is not good enough mckinsey reports many companies don't know how to get profit from AI technologies The Economist reports that technological companies spend $8.5 billion on AI only in 2015, but really... Continue Reading →

Who is QAE

This is entry level post, that describes what QAE job is QAE stands for quality assurance engineer. In this post I'll give short intro who is QAE in current environment.  You might have heard about huge Indian outsourcing companies that provide QA consultants in huge amount and low price. Indian and Asian developers are well... Continue Reading →

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